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An offer you can’t refuse

How often have you been asked about a dangerous and exciting moment you have experienced during your travels in a “not-so-safe” country? And how often have you got no answer? … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

I wonder what is it so exciting about the abandoned places. It might be the adventurous spirit driving us further to the unknown to explore and find out what’s out … Continue reading

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Annapurna circuit – How to get altitude sickness (part two)

Vividly I remember crossing past the point of 3000 meters above sea level, the height which already bears a danger of getting high altitude sickness. It happened at the massive … Continue reading

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Hare Krishna Philippines

Traveler’s paths are vague, never certain; the ones of a couch-surfer are even more so. One of those Couchsurfing ones led me and Yaxin down the road of Hare Krishna. … Continue reading

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The unusual clinic for travel experience – Daro Town

Malaysia – you would think of beaches, surfing, sunny weather, diving, lush jungles of Borneo, and such vacation goodies. Me, I think of a very remote place, way off the … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Along the way, I have met many companions. They came along, joined the road, went back to their lives at some point. Some I remember, some not. The ones I … Continue reading

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The Lost Spirit of China – Shaxi village

Walking the streets of the old town of Dali in China, I could not but feel something was missing. The old taverns, artistic small shops, galleries, music stores – all … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

Talking about sunsets, I usually think of vacation time – ocean, beach, mountain tops, ancient ruins of castles and temples. Walking the streets of Shanghai, lighted up with the warm … Continue reading

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The streets of China

While traveling in China I have visited many places, rural as well as urban, touristy spots along with the ones not so popular. I thought it would be easy to … Continue reading

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How to choose the right travel backpack – Millet Khumbu 65+ review

I hate shopping, particularly due to one reason – there is just too many options. Picturing myself coming into an outdoor store with hundreds of backpacks to choose from makes … Continue reading

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Annapurna Circuit – How to get altitude sickness (part one)

Before I begin to unfold the story, I would like to point out this is not intended as one of the detailed itinerary-type blog posts. There are quite many of … Continue reading

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Couchsurfing blown out

“Ah, that is why you do Couchsurfing!” says our host within her monologue about the purpose of engaging in the activity. I got speechless. Later on, we discussed it with … Continue reading

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Shangri-La reinvented

Mystical and harmonious place hidden away from the troubles of the world by a ring of Himalayan Mountain range. A sanctuary, where all the troubles of earthly life supposedly seize … Continue reading

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A day trip to Stone Forest

Stone forest of Shilin – a 400 square kilometers of limestone formations resembling great stalagmites cutting through the earth’s crust like some ancient, or even extra terrestrial, buildings, the purpose … Continue reading

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Unforeseen expenses …

… OR how much do you need to pay for a “free” shoe replacement … I have always fancied Teva, especially their great outdoor sandals. I have worn them since … Continue reading

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