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Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

I wonder what is it so exciting about the abandoned places.

It might be the adventurous spirit driving us further to the unknown to explore and find out what’s out there, where nobody has ever laid a foot or has long forgotten about. We have come a long way since the old days of explorers, where most of the places you’d set out to would never had been explored before. There is not much left to discover in our brand new urban environment, but the places we left.

Old Granary - front

Old Granary – front

“Old, unstable, dark, rusty, dangerous and forbidden!” I remember my grandparents telling me and my two cousins about an old granary just across the street from their house. How could such words stop the young and adventurous minds! “No need to say more, we are going!”

Old Granary - backside

Old Granary – backside

Old Granary - inside

Old Granary – inside

Over a couple of years we made it our playground, our secret place where great war heroes were born over centuries of battles endured. How much more exciting did the place become when we saw police cars parked there one night, investigating a great crime of murder! That was just our imagination playing games again, of course. It was not much more than a petty theft. However plain and unexciting, it was enough to hold us away for the rest of our one-month holiday.

Old Granary - Petkus Gigant

Old Granary – Petkus Gigant

A few years later, when I stopped by to take some pictures of the good old, still abandoned, granary, it did not seem so scary and exciting as it once had been. I did find our secret stash of cigarettes still intact, though!

Then there are the questions – why did people abandon it? They must have had a good reason, right? Reasons I imagine are always the ones that bring me the chills – something terrible must have happened there, something that involves death in ways most cruel and inhuman. A curse from a witch! A mad man killing the whole family. Ghosts! Or whatever supernatural occurrences can my imagination come up with. It’s just like being a part of super-scary horror movie. How much cooler can it get!

Carlile House - Entrance

Carlile House – Entrance

Searching the internet just yesterday, trying to find an abandoned place here in Auckland for this article, I have come across the old Carlile House. Abandoned since the 1970s, it has been a place haunted ever since a great fire has burned it down together with 43 children housed within the Boys Home it once was. What a story!

Carlile House - Auckland

Carlile House – Auckland

That’s all it is, though – a story, proved to be as far from the facts as it could ever get. Nevertheless, I could not resist the goosebumps all over me when wandering through the dim-lit corridors, nor could I prevent myself trying to catch a hint of any sound resembling children’s steps or laughter.

Carlile House - handrail

Carlile House – handrail

It is also fascinating to watch mother nature take over. How fast she is! It doesn’t take but couple of years, even months, without maintenance and it’s all entangled in her lush green embrace. How nice, scary, lonely and exciting would the Earth be without humans, I can’t help myself but think.

Pier - from the jungle

Pier – from the jungle

Pier - into the jungle

Pier – into the jungle

Pier - kitchen, probably

Pier – kitchen, probably

Just about a year ago, walking through the Malay Pangkor island, I have come across an old pier structure. It could have been a part of the marine club stationed nearby. Nowadays, not much more than a place for young lovers to come and enjoy a few moments alone, only to be put off by a damn tourist taking pictures. Sorry!

Pier Marine Hotel

Pier Marine Hotel

Pier Marine Hotel

Pier Marine Hotel

Pier - windows

Pier – windows

Whatever the reasons, there is always something mysterious involved within the abandoned structures, and mysterious has always been exciting!


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