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Thailand – Ko Tao

For the old-time's sake

For the old-time’s sake

What an amazing step has Ko Tao made since my last visit in 2006. I remember the island as being just a small village barely having an ATM! One street with a few diving shops and providers, a short stretch of Sairee beach dotted with a small number of bars with friendly owners, not many tourists. I also recall a few construction sites, hardly a harbinger to the massive explosion of tourist development it has witnessed over the few years.

Beach resort on Ko Tao – this wasn’t here in 2006!

Should anyone choose to come here in search for a peaceful vacation, I’d suggest to consider visiting the East or South part of the island rather than the main Western resorts on Sairee beach. Wandering the island on bike or foot has not lost much of its charm, despite the fear of getting driven over by some over-excited tourists on 4-wheelers. Apart from the main areas, it is still a jungle with plenty of places to get lost and found in, beautiful views over crystal clear waters and of course the amazing Thai cuisine – as cheap and tasty as I remember it to be!

Lang Khaai Point on the East side of the Island

Seafood Salad, Thai version – the difference between Thai and standard is the chilli ratio used in preparation. This one would burn down a jungle during monsoon season!

My favorite banana pancake! What a treat, fortunately still the same old as I remember it.


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