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The Journey

The Journey - Since Nov 2011 until NOW!

The Journey – Since Nov 2011 until NOW!

Long time had I been thinking of the office life, whether it suits me well, or should I try something different. There had been many goodies – steady salary, the people, the secure life. However, at the end of each day I had always found myself with one thought – where to go next. So one day I went, and since then on I have been going to places, having only been able to think of the present.

My Journey begun in Malaysia at the beginning of December 2011. Since then, I have visited almost all of SE Asia, China, India, Nepal. I went alone, traveled alone as well as accompanied with like-minded people and friends, often times stray dogs and other pets :). The experiences wary – from happy times drinking with a bunch of backpackers in a hostel to a breathtaking (in its literal meaning) descent from Yak Kharka village on the Annapurna Circuit trek. Thinking of the countless experiences and people I have met, I realized I have gone too far to just go back to the office.

Thus, I decided to continue the journey to see where it leads me next. And while I am at it, I will write about anything that attracts my attention – places, people, culture, food, random thoughts which you get so often while traveling alone.

Hope you enjoy the reading and pictures! Read on to check the details about each country:


Thailand – Ko Tao

or jump HOME to all the stories.


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